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ECC Preschool

Hosanna-Tabor Lutheran’s Preschool

What Your Preschooler Will Learn


Just a “few” of the things preschoolers will be taught during preschool:


Letter recognition

Letter and sound connections

Days of the week

Months of the Year


How to count objects correctly

Number recognition



Grouping and Sorting

Comparing and Contrasting


Phone number


Simple Tools





Beginning sounds

Ending sounds

How to sound out simple words

Fire Safety

Healthy Living

Molecular Biology

(Okay, not that last one.  Just wanted to make sure you were still reading!)

New songs

Fine motor skills

How to jump rope

How to skip and gallop

How to put on and fasten their coats

How to clean up after themselves after snack

How to clean up after themselves after playtime

How to wait their turn

How to sit quietly and patiently

How to listen

How to line up

How to cook a formal dinner for 20

(Still reading?!)

How to use paintbrushes and other art supplies properly

How to use scissors

How to write their name

How to behave in a school setting

How to be respectful of other people

How to forgive

How to be kind

How to pray

That Jesus loves them


Our preschool class will get your child ready for kindergarten.

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